Skills and Career Development Center (SCDC) 

Thousands of students start college and graduate from college every year. They are eager to bring the knowledge they have gained in their graduated university and put it to the test in the professional world.  Despite their eagerness and efforts, many fall short of their academic and professional endeavors because either their English is not fluent enough or during the initial interview, they are not confident enough or perhaps the major that they have learned is not good enough to pass the entrance exam in the company that they want to work for.  So they fail to obtain their desired profession they had dreamed they would have after completing their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree.  
In order to combat this issue, The University of Cambodia has launched the Skills and Career Development Center in late 2014 with the goal of providing multiple services to students that will enhance their soft skills, free of charge. Currently, the SDC focuses on two major programs to help students: public speaking and the UCDC Debate Club. Public speaking is designed to eliminate the nervousness and apprehension students experience when speaking in front of an audience, and the confidence gained here can be used in giving better presentations in class, interviewing well with a potential employer, and expressing one’s ideas in any external forum. Speaking in front of 100’s of people can be an asset to many companies who need leaders to lead their company.  The SDC Debate Club targets students who are interested in debate competition by teaching them how to effectively organize their arguments and enhance their oratorical skills; strengthening their confidence in speaking to judge, juries, audience’s from where they are standing to being on TV.
The SDC also offers several more programs and activities for the students, including student counseling; improving one’s study skills; holding student orientations; finding scholarships and internships; study abroad programs; searching employer databases; One-on-One ten minute Interpersonal Communication sessions; CV or resume writing workshops; and interview workshops. Our services and programs are designed to meet the students’ needs in all parts of their academic lives. As the SDC further develops, it will offer more official workshops and trainings with outside guests and speakers.
The Skills and Career Development Center has a Certified Professor who has lived in America for over 35 years,  Retired Army, major in Computer Science, Certified Public Speaking Toastmaster, Social Dynamic Psychology major, Private Personal trainer, Life Coach trainer, Artist, and Painter.
The Skills and Career Development Center is located on the 4th floor, room 417 and is open from Monday - Friday from 8:00am-12:00am and 2:00pm-6:00pm.If you have any questions or would like to participate in any of these activities, please click here