About SCDC

English is the primary spoken language all around the world, thus we know that every major cooperation in any country has to have business trade dealing in US dollar currency. The interviewer of these major cooperation will want to hire qualified candidate with specific criteria. When an interviewer interview a students seeking for an opportunity in the workforce, most likely the interviewer will interview in English. The interviewer not only will he look for their degree major; skill set specific to the job he or she applies for, the interviewer will look for accuracy; fluency; pronunciation; understanding and being able to speak and listen well aside from their work experience. Therefore, if students lack the ability to speak English one on one fluently especially during an interview before they even get the job, the student’s chance of getting a suitable job is slim to none. Thus, students need to be prepared in advance. If the students are poorly prepared for the real world; lacking basic understanding of time management; study skills; seeking counseling; how to go about in getting help in speaking better English one on one to prepare for the interview process; writing professional resume; attending interview workshop, the consequence will lead to modest academic performance which in turn will lead to poor job preparation, which then will lead to loss opportunities and anguishing frustration.

The University of Cambodia recognizes that every year, thousands of students will enroll in higher education, while graduates will be entering the job market in search of jobs and starting careers. The University realizes that incoming students need academic preparation skills, while graduates need job preparation skills. The demand for academic advisory and career consultations is necessary to help students succeed in school and in the job market. As a result, the University established the Skills and Career Development Center to help individuals succeed in scholastic and in the professional world.

Mission Statement

The Student Development Center aims to provide academic counseling and career services to students to help fulfill their academic and career goals by preparing individuals for the real world.

To achieve this, the SDC provides support services that build confidence in students and job seekers in areas such as student counseling; student orientation; access to scholarships; internship; study abroad programs; employer database; develop public speaking; one on one 10 minute interpersonal communication; CV or resume writing workshop; Interview Workshop and Career Fair. Our services and programs are designed to meet the students need.

The SDC staff is committed to assisting students with personal and professional development. We encourage students to discover that there is no such thing as nothing is impossible, that the sky is the limit endless possibilities, anything is possible just put your heart and mind into and you will achieve anything you dream of such as relating to their education, experiences, interests, talents, and life long ambition.