Career Resource Library

There are many resources available in SDC to help you explore careers, local jobs, internships, public and private jobs, and volunteer positions. In our library, you'll find a rich collection of reference materials on the "how-to's" of job searching, resume database, internships database, internship directory, Cambodian Intellectual directory, job market trend, etc. While most of these reference materials are based on western concepts, they are still good sources to get the ideas of what employers are looking for. Our library is equipped with Cambodian governmental and industrial directories, Cambodian labor market and resource information, and job listings of career, internship, volunteer opportunities in the arts, sciences, education, government and non-profit agencies in Cambodia. You can easily access this network of information by using the computer in the Career Resource Library.

Career Resource Library

Directory of Cambodian Intellectuals

Many students after graduation will look for guidance in a particular career. What better way to find answers to inquiring questions but to ask Cambodian experts from the public and private sectors, and civil society leaders. The Directory of Cambodian Intellectuals offers you unlimited access to passionate Cambodian intellectual working in their respect positions. Cambodian intellectual with Ph. D, MA, BA, and those with extensive experience are at your service to better guide you in your career path. With just a click of a button you can have access to Cambodian business executives, lawyers, politicians, and many other influential Cambodia leaders.

Summer/Part-time Jobs

Summer and part-time jobs are more than just a way to make money. Once you begin your job, seek out opportunities to learn more and enhance your skills to make the most of your experience especially the skill in interacting with English speaking people. While summer or part-time jobs may not be exactly what you are looking for in your career development, you can gain valuable experience and/or develop the skills to make you more of an attractive candidate to employers.


Internships are short term work experience, it can last 3-6 months and up to 1 year or more, in which student receives hands on training and gain valuable experience in a specific career area. An internship can vary in the number of hours spent on the job. It can be paid or unpaid. It can be credited towards a major. Most people choose to do an internship to help them gain practical work experience or confirm a choice of major or career before they graduate.

Internship Program

The University of Cambodia encourages students to do internships. It provides opportunities to explore career fields of interest. One of the advantage of interning within their university is that they can enhance their English speaking with different background CES Instructor who come from different countries. Each year, during the fall term, the Career Development Center publishes an internship resource catalog outlining internship programs offered for the current school year. Students are welcome to apply for internship on their own and assist in expanding their internship database.

Directory of Public and Private Internships

Internships can be one of the most rewarding experiences for students wanting to enter into a particular career path. Whatever your career path may be the SDC directory of public and private internships will allow you to explore the vast fields in your field of interest.

If you are an employer or a UC Alumni who would like to offer an internship to students or have any questions concerning posting of internships, please contact Brendens Lek SDC Director at 093777455 or email

Career Path

While many students are anxious to graduate, entering the job market may prove to be more work than one realizes. Choosing a career path is never certain due to the unstable job market. Jobs fluctuate from season to season and year to year. Students must seek the advice of career counselors regarding the job skill in demand in the job market. Student must take into consideration that what they choose as their major, might not necessarily be what the job market is looking for. It will behoove the student to seriously choose their major wisely. You may feel frustrated at times in your job search, but know that you are not alone.

Although we cannot guarantee that you will find your dream career, we can gear you toward your goal and to better prepare you for the job market. At the SDC you will learn to explore vital questions to generate the understanding of the responsibilities, training, and outlook in a particular field of interest. Our program will help you learn about the job market, to cater your resume in order to attract potential employers, interviewing skills, and much more.

Career Consulting

Our career counselor is professionally trained with great customer service skill to consult to your need in getting started with your career planning, learning about the job market, career/job fairs, resume development, and much more. By sitting down with one of our career counselors you get personal attention to explore your career directions, available jobs, internships and other opportunities, and get guidance on the job search. At the Student Development Center you will find supportive staffs who are eager to help you prepare your career path. Your future projection of how you want your dream profession to be will finally be turn into reality by allowing well train professional counselors to draw you a map of your future; to give you great guidance and advise you on which subjects you need to take in the University of Cambodia in order to make your dream job come true.

Career & Job Fairs

You won't want to miss the Career & Job Fair at the University of Cambodia! Employers from civil society, the public and private sectors in all fields such as Arts, Education, Humanities, Sciences, Economics, Environment, Law, Business, Government, and Technology come to recruit and talk about opportunities for employment and internship. All are invited to attend and network with potential employer to land desired positions.

On-Campus Recruitment

The Student Development Center strives to attract diverse employers for on-campus interviews, career/job fairs, and employer’s panel discussion. Each year employers from the Phnom Penh area come to campus to interview for different positions in diverse career fields. While we reserve on-campus recruiting for juniors, seniors and Masters Students, other students and members of the public are welcome to participate in the career search.

Essential Questions

What careers exist? What is a particular job like? What will the job require of me? How much will it pay? What kind of training is needed? How easy is it to find a job in this field? There are several ways to find answers to questions like these. At the SDC, our counselors will help you explore and evaluate you goals so that your interest is matched up to the demand of the ever changing market.

Public Speaking, One on One 10 minute interpersonal Communication, Career/Job Fairs, Resume Writing Workshops, Panel Discussions Students and community members will be invited to attend career/job fairs, resume writing workshops and panel discussions on topics such as life after the University, job market/search, resume & cover letter writing, interviewing, and networking. By attending alumni panels and programs you can learn about different career paths, share advices and tips, and network with fellow UC alumni to get a head start about career opportunities for interdisciplinary educated students. Also, you can talk to employers directly who visits the campus to discuss career opportunities, find out what employers are looking for, and ask inquiring questions.

Alumni Network

UC alumni are the most supportive link to help graduates to enter the job market. You will be amazed on how supportive UC alumni are in sharing their advice and expertise! Through the UC’s Alumni Network, you can speak with alumni who can help guide your career goals.