Student Organizations

Connecting with student organizations allows recruiters to raise awareness of your organization's opportunities. For a complete list of student organizations at the University visit…

Media outlets: The Cambodia Weekly Posting, SEATV and SEA Radio Announcements The Cambodia Weekly is the University of Cambodia’s newspaper. It is published every Monday and is disseminated through the country. For more information on advertising position, contact UC News at ucnewspaper@uc.edu.kh.

SEATV and SEA Radio is also affiliated with the University of Cambodia. For more information on advertising position, contact…

Recruiting Students

Whether you want to participate in UC’s career/job fair, scheduling campus interviews, host career/job information sessions, the SDC will do whatever it takes to make your recruiting efforts successful! The University of Cambodia’s Student Development Center offers exceptional customer service to meet the demand of recruiters. Our recruiting system allows recruiters to talk directly to SDC staff to arrange events, access to our students’ resume database, post job openings online and at the center. The SDC works cooperatively with recruiters to effectively manage campus recruiting process.

Top Academic Majors: Arts and Humanities, Education, Law, Management, Social Sciences, Science and Technology

Student Highlight

• Our student body is competent both in English and Khmer.

• Majority of our students are on academic scholarships.

• All of our students have proficient computer skills.

On Campus Interviews

The SDC provides a professional environment for recruiters to talk to our students. Recruiter have access to private interview rooms to meet individually with students to discuss full-time, part-time, internship, and voluntary positions at their convenience.

On-Campus Recruitment Form can be downloaded and fax to (855-23) 99 32 84. To confirm all reservation, contact Brendens Lek SDC Director at 093777455 or email directorSDC@uc.edu.kh

Posting Positions

Posting positions is made easy with our online service. Simply visit our website www.sdc.edu.kh and click on post positions to offer your opportunities. This service allows recruits to post full-time and part-time job opportunities, assistantships, and internships, set a deadline for application, and review applicant's resumes online or receive them via email according to recruiters’ discretion.

Positions offered can also be sent to the SDC directly. A SDC staff member will delightedly post positions on-line and on SDC job board for organizations. For further information contact Brendens Lek SDC Director at 093777455 or email directorSDC@uc.edu.kh